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Cancellation Policy


All the applications for the cancellation of a reservation should be submitted 24 hours before the transport. In case a reservation is cancelled within less than 24 hours from the scheduled transport, the money is returned without the costs of the bank. In case the reservation is cancelled 24 hours before the scheduled transfer the whole sum of money is returned to the customer at the same way that the payment was done. The customer is charged with the costs of the bank.

Our responsibility:

Hellaschauffeur operates as a mean of reservations. Our responsibilities are including the publication of the information on our website about the services offered by the Transporter, as well as to the notification for any changes in the conditions of your reservation. Any request for loss, injury, disease or death ought to be made to the Transporter or HellasChauffeur directly or it can be covered by the conditions of your insurance.We accept the responsibility for any claims that occur exclusively as a result of our carelessness. In case we are found responsible for anything, our maximum responsibility towards you is limited to the double cost of your reservation or the relevant amount as long as other individuals of your reservation are not affected.