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Transfer to Alistrati Cave with Taxi from Thessaloniki

Alistrati Cave is a visitable cave in the Prefecture of Serres and is 6 km away from the homonymous town of Alistrati. It has a length of about 3 km, of which 1 km can be visited.

Its rich decoration includes, in addition to large stalactites and stalagmites in various colors and the rare eccentrics. Eccentrics or elitites are rare formations created by "defying" the laws of gravity and following irregular paths. The main feature of this cave - which makes it unique in Greece - is the very large variety of eccentrics.

It is also characterized by the unique microscopic organisms (3 mm) found within it, such as Alistratia Beroni, a unique species of isopod. The cave belongs to the network of caves of the gorge of the river Aggitis together with four other known caves, such as the Cave of Aggitis Drama. It is accessible from Drama, Kavala and Thessaloniki via Asprovalta. It has been used and can be visited since 1998.

Near the artificial entrance of the cave, is the gorge of the river Aggitis.

Alistrati Cave is one of the largest caves in Europe. Its rich decoration includes, in addition to huge stalactites and stalagmites in various colors and the rare eccentrics and stalagmites.

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